• Qingdao Laoshan Scenic Area

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  • Qingdao Laoshan Scenic Area consists of nine scenic spots such as Jifeng, Liuqing, Taiqing, Chessboard, Yangkou, North Jiushui and Hua Lou, and 5 scenic spots such as Shazikou, Wanggezhuang, Beizhai, Xiazhuang, Xifu Scenic recovery area and the outer edge of land and sea attractions in three parts. Laoshan which is the main mountain in Shandong Peninsula, the highest peak Lao top elevation of 1133 meters, is the first peak of China's coastline, with the sea, "the first mountain," It stands on the coast of the Yellow Sea, tall and majestic. There is a local saying: "Taishan cloud is high, not as good as the East China Sea La." Taoist mountains. it is the characteristics of Laoshan scenery. Famous mountains in the country, only Laoshan is the rise of the sea. Laoshan around the coastline of 87 km, 18 islands along the coast, forming a sea of wonders of Laoshan. Laoshan is China's famous Taoist mountains, the scale of the preserved Taiqing Gong for the largest, the longest history