• Ningbo Xikou three Hidden Lake

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  • Sensualitywoman  Uploaded on  2016-07-13
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  • Three hidden lake is located in the northwest of the snow sinus Temple five miles away. Water flows from the East Village Aya cliff, folded into a waterfall; and then down the hillside, until the foot of the mountain, forming a three waterfalls. So, it is called three hidden lake. Full-length 1600 meters, from high to low, respectively, called: the hidden lake, hidden in the lake, the next hidden lake. On the hidden lake to secluded dangers; in the hidden lake to clear handsome to win: the next hidden lake to Qixiu must. Although the three hidden lake is located in the mountains and valleys, visiting difficult, but "alcohol is not afraid of the alley deep," visitors are still in flurry.