White Pond Park located in Putian City, Fujian Province     admin  Uploaded on  2016-02-26 10:45:47     Views:   A total of 6 photos

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  10. White pond lake, the largest natural lake in Fujian Province, is one of twenty Four Tourisms in Putian, which is "white moon pond" scenic location. It covers an area of 2.4 km, located about 2 km in the southern suburbs of the Hanjiang District , Han Huang provincial highway east, through cross-white Lake Wu Tong, Yang Mei, three mirror town. The surrounding traffic is very convenient. The natural scenery is beautiful, rich in cultural heritage, rich in cultural connotation. The landscape related with numerous gold star Lifton, national hero Wen Tianxiang, Qi and other historical figures. It is a valuable historical and cultural heritage, and that the entire area and not far south of Putian twenty-four Tourisms, one of the "Ninghai First Day" and "Mei Fei hometown" constitutes a contiguous attractions, is highly ornamental value tourist destination.
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