• Walkthrough New Zealand (I'm taking a group in New Zealand)

  •  New Zealand claims to be 100% pure, which is just the slogan of New Zealand Tourism Administration, but it is very pure. In fact, New Zealand is a photographer's paradise, where you can make large films. There are snow mountains covered with snow all the year round, unique low-altitude glaciers in the world, many cattle like lakes, large and small waterfalls, endless grasslands, herds of cattle and sheep on the grasslands, and pieces of grass bags. Because of the purity, there is always a vast galaxy in the clear night. Because it is an island country, there are always beautiful sunrise and sunset on the coastline. Here you can expose as long as you like, and the clouds in the sky always explode appropriately. There are places for you to click the shutter all the year round. There are snow capped mountains in winter, colorful lubing flowers in spring, blue Jacaranda in summer, thousand lotus, lavender, and golden yellow leaves in autumn. Come on, come and shoot this photographer's paradise with me...














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