• A family of three living in Seattle

  •  After my husband contacted Bo from a university in Seattle this year, I quit my job in Beijing and took my daughter to the United States.

    The plane ticket was bought on October 27, and the visa was issued on October 18 last Wednesday. It was sent to China CITIC Bank from October 25 today. That is to say, the plane ticket had to be changed one day, and the deposit of Seattle house would be lost

    Four days of rainy weather have finally cleared up. On the day of moving in, I found a pile of problems. One of the four small electric stoves in the kitchen was broken. The dishwasher seems to have lost several screws and the handle of the sink is leaking. The apartment in the United States looks bright because the former tenant was simply painted after he left. In fact, he can't afford to look at it carefully. The lockers are obviously a few years old, and the metal parts of the bathtub and sink are also covered with rust. I went downstairs to talk to the administrator. The administrator was a grandpa who looked a little old. He couldn't breathe after saying a few words. He didn't feel like American native with an accent. After the explanation, the grandfather carefully wrote down all the problems on the note paper and said that he would ask someone to repair the apartment within an hour.
    All the way leaves and small decorations in the corner make the city simple and delicate.


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