• Turkey: a blue country that can touch history

  •  In fact, Turkey and Germany have deep roots in modern times. But because of security concerns, I have been unable to make up my mind.

     The friend I went with this time was a doctor. She said that she had concerns before. Later, some of her patients often went to Turkey and returned safely.
    We started to be both.
    At that time, she always wrote on WeChat Ventilation, saying that a patient who I know today who has just returned from Turkey is safe and okay.
    I feel that her real identity is actually a security investigator of travel information, and the doctor is just a camouflage to cover her identity.
    Now the lira has plummeted. It is said that visas have also been released for Chinese people. As long as you register online, you can get it by paying 60 US dollars.
    If you don't go now, when will you stay?
    So we and the two of us went to Turkey for a week while the children were on spring break.
    Because I went there for the first time with my children, we chose the plane hotel for all-inclusive accommodation. Next time I go, I guess I will have fun driving by myself.
    To be honest, Turkey gave me a bad first impression. I didn't want to think about it anymore, but considering the purpose of my travel notes, in addition to recording my own life, I also used it as a reference for other travel-loving friends, so I decided to record it truthfully and give it to everyone Wake up.
    We are flying directly to Antalya.
    We are sitting in the penultimate row of the plane. Behind us is a family of three. The woman is wearing a headscarf, a typical Turkish family.
    They look neat and well-dressed, without feeling anything wrong.
    We were at peace during the entire flight.
    My little girl was sitting on the seat of the plane window and was tired to sleep, so I folded a cashmere sweater that my husband took, made a small pillow on the innermost armrest, and let her head rest Sleeped on it for a while.
    After a little sleep, the little girl woke up and played with me all the way. None of us paid attention to that dress.
    When I was about to land, I packed my things and remembered. Who knew it was gone.
    I turned the seat over and over and didn't see it. I stooped down and looked around on the ground, still nothing.
    At that time, the plane was preparing to descend, and the stewardess was reminding everyone to fasten their seat belts. I think most of the time it fell to the ground. This sweater happened to be dark blue, too close to the aircraft carpet, and was accidentally kicked away. I was the last one to leave when I got off the plane, just look at the ground carefully.
    An old dress, although it's made of cashmere and feels good, is not a famous brand. I didn't expect anyone to ask for old clothes of unknown origin.
    The waiting time for the next plane, I bent down and looked at the ground again, and also let our children look down and look carefully, indeed. In the meantime, the family in the back row smiled and watched as we looked for clothes like monkeys, sitting on the seats without moving.
    I didn't think too much.
    Seeing that the people in front are almost gone, the family still smiled steadily.
    I smiled and stood in the open space in front of the toilet door behind them and told the stewardess that one of my clothes was missing. I'll look after everyone is gone.
    The stewardess nodded and agreed, while urging the family to leave with a smile.
    At this moment, the family watched me and the stewardess smiled and waited for them to get up and had to stand up.
    My husband's sweater was sitting under my ass.
    空白 My mind was blank, and I picked up the dress purely mechanically.
    I really do. This is my husband's old cashmere clothes.
    The woman actually smiled and said to me in German, "This dress was drained from before."
    I am speechless.
    Her husband and son also smiled, and left with her casually.
    A petrified me left.
    This incident led me to be very careful in my future journeys, and sometimes I was a little over-careful.
    And just arrived in Turkey, it was rainy.
    It rains for two days.
    Fortunately, the weather forecast said that the third day we arrived in Turkey, it was sunny.
    This day, the children are playing in the hotel swimming pool. I went with a mother who was going to see where I could go.
    要 I want to remind you that Turkey is a lot like the domestic tourism market that was not regulated before. Before you pay, be sure to shop around and don't be fooled.
    In short, fortunately, our two mothers are masters with rich experience in struggle. A travel agency in the hotel quoted us 69 euros. After we went to Pamukkale, we successfully booked a 25 euro plus nine euro ticket at a travel agency near the hotel Take care of one's own preferential price.
    This is the right choice for our trip.
    Perhaps because of the heavy rain in the previous two days, Pamukkale presented to us in an unusually touching manner.
    I read Raiders and travel notes before, and said that Pamukkale is an attraction that you will not regret when you come. Hesitated for a long time before we set off, after all, because we were not driving ourselves, our hotel was far from Pamukkale.
     Departure at 6am and return to hotel at 10pm. Almost ten hours back and forth in the car, is it worth the trip to regret it?
    Play back, the answer is one word: value.
    I knew it was so beautiful, so we should arrange a night in Pamukkale.
    Those students who are disappointed with Pamukkale may not be the right season to visit.
    Pamukkale, which is rich in water, is so beautiful.

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